Showcase Foldable Screen Phones, Samsung Does Not Mention Flex Display Released

SAN FRANSISCO – Last week Samsung finally introduced Flex Display at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), after a long time developing folding screen cellphone technology in its newest product release which will be released later.

When introducing Flex Display, Samsung prefers to dim the display lights when showing this folding screen product. It was alleged to protect design elements so that competitors did not know.

“There are devices inside here and that is amazing,” said Justin Denision, SVP Marketing of Samsung’s cellular products on stage as reported by The Verge page, Thursday (11/08/208).

This is the hallmark of Samsung smartphones later with screen technology that will be used in mobile phones or folding tablets later. The screen uses elastic but strong OLED technology that makes the device can display content in a 4.6-inch screen and if opened into a tablet it will change in size to 7.3 inches.

The technology giant from South Korea also introduced its newest display, One UI. The software is the result of collaboration with Google and Android developers.

One UI is claimed to make the device smooth when transitioning to tablet mode. When the screen is opened the UI will give users a smooth transition and can open using three active applications on the screen.

Samsung said it was ready to mass produce in the next few months. But they have not said that the date is definitely when the official launch of its first folding cellphone.

Samsung is also not the only manufacturer working on folded devices, but Huawei also plans to release a foldable handset next year. Lenovo, LG, Huawei, and Xiaomi also began preparing superior products they made.

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Followed a few times ago, the California Start-up named Royole, had already introduced a folding screen cellphone named Flexpai in the world as the world’s first commercial folding cellphone.



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