OPPO exhibits a 5G technology smartphone

BEIJING – Starting in early 2019, 5G technology in the world will be a progress in terms of network connectivity. Therefore, the biggest smartphone manufacturers, including OPPO, are trying to follow the trend and introduce it to consumers.

Last week, the Chinese company officially announced that it had succeeded in creating a 5G signaling connection for its flagship smartphone. It should be noted, Qualcomm has previously announced a partnership with Oppo to make a 5G smartphone. The US Chipmaker provides excellence in the radio frequency front-end field to OPPO.

Reported by Giz China, Wednesday (08/29/2018), reported the connection was realized by a 5G commercial smartphone developed based on OPPO R15 by immersing a 5G Qualcomm X50 baseband, signaling connections, and successful data links adopting a 20MHz N78 5G band bandwidth.

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The first 5G smartphone launched in 2019 has a significant n78 frequency. This is the type of 5G band that is most widely used in the world.

Liu Chang, President of the OPPO Reseach Institute, said that his company will accelerate the process of developing its latest 5G smartphone to be released simultaneously commercially in 2019 “we are targeting 2019 to have been produced” his determination to speak.

OPPO Marketing Director Shen Yiren also said the company would be in the first batch of the 5G mobile phone launch. In fact, OPPO could be the first brand to issue a Smartphone with a 5G network.



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