5G Translucent Network Test Test Download Speed of 2.8 Gbps

Jakarta– Tested by the mobile EE mobile network the connectivity speed at 5G translates to a download speed of 2.8 Gbps. The test worked with telecommunications company Huawei.

This technology was exhibited by Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum this week. By using Huawei’s proof-of-concept unit, the Company tests a 5G network by connecting to the 100Mhz test spectrum from 3.5 Ghz. As a result, speed increases and the latency level is high.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standard body is currently working on how the 5G concept will be built. The 5G EE architecture is in line with the three options of 3GPP Release 15, which are estimated to be completed next month.

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Said Tom Bennett, Director of Network Services and Devices at EE said “We learn from using our experience in 4G technology and a special partnership approach to ensure 5G connections to be more leverage”

According to him, the network architecture that has been proven is a proof of a big step in the advancement of 5G technology.

Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless Solutions said there are still many differences between the imposition of real technology. “In the current situation, 5G refers to various new technologies and requirements, not concrete standards, such as 4G,” he said.


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