ZTE, Ready to Launch 5G Smartphone at the end of 2018

BEIJING – This famous ZTE vendor is designing a smartphone with 5G technology. Not waiting for a long time the Chinese vendor only takes one year to prepare the newest 5G smartphone.

This was revealed by Lixin Cheng, ZTE’s mobile device business chief executive officer, quoted by BloomBerg.

According to Cheng, the newest 5G smartphone will be introduced in the United States (US) at the end of 2018 or early 2019. However, the plan may change based on the availability of 5G networks and chipsets needed for the ZTE smartphone in the future.

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Not only smartphones, Cheng also said there was also the possibility of being able to produce tablets or wirreless internet hubs with 5G technology.

5G connectivity has indeed been long discussed by internet users in particular, over time 5G networks were developed to meet human internet needs.

Qualcomm has also discussed a new chip that will be marketed and allows support in the 5G connectivity network. This further encouraged other smartphone vendors to take the same thing in their products.

ZTE success in producing the latest 5G smartphones will increasingly rival Apple and Samsung. If ZTE is really able to provide it at the beginning of 2019, then the Chinese company will be a step ahead of Apple and Samsung.

For Apple itself has not revealed when the company will present 5G smartphone technology. However, the technology giant has obtained permission from the US government to test the 5G network.

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Apple itself will incorporate technology into its flagship product, the iPhone. While Samsung Vendors announced its partnership with Verizon Wirreless this month to bring 5G networks to people’s homes to be felt by many people, in some areas such as California, according to Bloomberg, Tuesday (01/16/2018).



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