5G Network Ready to Launch, Indonesia When will it be?

Some time ago there was news about the release of the 5G network in Indonesia, surely among you there are still many who still don’t know when the 5G network will be released? and does Indonesia include the 5G network? see this article will discuss 5G networks.

Previously, US operators, AT & T planned this 5G network for mobile needs by the end of 2018. This fifth generation mobile internet network will also be available to AT & T customers in 12 US cities.

The 5G network itself had previously been tested by Verizon some time ago. Actually AT & T itself is not the only operator in the US that dares to launch this 5G network.

Other operators such as Sprint have agreed to launch a 5G network in early 2019. While t-Mobile in 2020.

Will the launch of the 5G Network be accelerated?

Reporting from liputan6.com (1/3/2018), Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said that all operator vendors had prepared the launch of the 5G network faster than expected, predicted to be launched at the beginning of 2019 or it could be at the end of 2018.

The vendor from Nokia itself has a cooperation agreement with Chine Mobile regarding the development of the 5G network for its Mobile products and for industrial use in China. Chine Mobile is the largest operator in China.

Nokia will also announce cooperation with the Vodafone Vendor. Vodefone itself is an English cellular operator that has a majority stake in the entire world.

Previously announced a year ago, the 5G network will be maximized if it is released at the end of 2019. But with predictions now it is likely that the G network will be launched sooner than expected.

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The 5G network makes it easy for users, especially in this digital era, to be very efficient in growing their business.

Indonesia Still Needs Many Experts to Welcome 5G Technology

The launch of 5G networks, in each country will be different including Indonesia. In Indonesia there are still many experts needed for this 5G technology such as network technicians and programmers. Susie Armstrong as Senior Vice President of Qualcomm’s Government Affairs advised Indonesia to start preparing to welcome the presence of 5G technology.

Because, 5G Technology will be a supporting factor for the application of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The lack of experts for the 5G network technology is inseparable from students who prefer other majors rather than engineering majors. They are more interested in the profession that can be seen directly, such as businessmen, doctors, civil servants, or professions that are currently in trend.

Let’s wait until the 5G network is released in Indonesia, because the 4G network is not evenly distributed throughout Indonesia.


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