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5 Tips for photographing a wedding

A full-time wedding photographer and has photographed many marriages in a year. Evans will spend the weekend for busy shooting, and for a week to edit.

Tips in this article come from photographers who are experienced in photographing a wedding or called prewedding.

1. Don’t get stuck with Rules of Third (Rules 1/3)

Already know not rules of third ?, Wedding parties or weddings that are so fast make us often don’t have the time to compose the right moment for rules of third. So what should you do? Try not to compose the bride in the middle, for example as conton you can position the bride when dancing on one side of the frame.


2. Follow the Line
If you look at a location that has lines in the same direction, try using that place. Usually get something good to photograph at the boundary of that line. Place the bride and groom correctly at the end of the line, line the center line into a line that leads to the pair.


3. Photographing with Wide Open
In general, in prewedding photos it is not good to use wide open continuously, but this can also help you in composition. How come? because if you have an SLR camera and you don’t have a chance to change the aperture or other modes, you will get more blur in the photo. Whatever you are focusing on will be clear, but the background will be blurry / bokeh. For setting lens openings on F2.8 or F1.4 and then you just stay focused on the bride photo shoot.


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4. Peeking!
This one idea can also produce good photos, hide in the bushes and take pictures of the bride, stand in an angle and take a picture, you can also peek over someone’s shoulder and take a picture. With this method there will be an impression of a frame that has deep meaning and mystery.


5. Two people one portrait

Give the impression of a portrait context by inserting a few others in the photo. This can apply to brides and grooms. For example, take a photo of the bride whose face rests on the groom’s chest. It must be remembered, marriage chooses a symbol of togetherness which means that the pose is very well done by the bride and groom.


Every wedding photo we take, we must really be able to take the moment and the right impression so that a photo has a deep story from the bride and groom.


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