Instagram Redesign Profile Layout

MENLO PARK –Instagram announced that it is working on a new layout design for user profiles.

“Over the next few years, you might see features rearranged by instagram examples on the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons, and how you navigate between tabs,” they wrote in their latest blog upload on Thursday (11/22/2018 )

The most visible part is the number of followers or followers that don’t seem to be displayed at the top of the user’s profile.


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In addition, the number of followers is also in a font that is much smaller than it is today. Similar things have been done like on Twitter first on the IOS application.

The effort was carried out by Instagram because the platform prioritized the appearance of interaction among users, rather than focusing solely on the number of views displayed by followers.

In addition, things that are changed on the display are on the ‘follow’ button and ‘messages’ will be reset and placed side by side. For IGTV itself, it looks like it will provide its own Tab in its layout along with upload layouts.

This update will be released soon in the next few weeks, of course with a gradual system such as features that have been released by Instagram before.


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