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Tips to Save Internet Data When Using the Streaming Music Application

INDONESIA –Listening to Music in the Digital Era is now not something that is rare, almost everyone likes to listen to music. One of them is listening to music through the Streaming music application service that has become an alternative choice for people nowadays, besides being effective and practical, the songs provided are quite complete and varied and can automatically provide recommendations for good songs at this time.

However, the use of streaming music services requires a good internet connection so that music can be heard clearly and comfortably. Sometimes when listening to music, we are worried that we will waste the use of internet quota when streaming music. But actually unlike video streaming, music services do not have a fixed limit in the use of data packages to enable audio. Data requirements for running streaming music are based on how much auodi quality we choose, the clearer the audio quality, the greater the internet data package needed.

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Deezer, the most personalized music streaming application in the world offers three service packages with different bitrates. The use of Deezer can manage the savings of data packages according to what they choose according to their individual needs. Hifi Deezer (high quality) has a speed of 1.411kbit / s with high quality 16-bit Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), where the digital bitrate has a quality five times higher than the standard quality MP3 or the equivalent of a LP, Deezer Premium ( Standard) with speeds of 320kbit / s or about 3MB to 4MB per song, and Deezer Free (Basic) 128kbit / s or around 3.5MB to 5MB per song.

When choosing Hifi with a speed of 1.411kbit / s, the meaning is the same as using 5.0796 GB per hour with an estimated 1.5 hours of gigabytes for streaming. For Deezer Premium, speeds of up to 320kbit / s are equivalent to 1,152 GB per hour to be enjoyed for seven hours, while if you choose Free with a speed of 128kbit / s, that means it is equal to 0.4606 GB per hour which can be enjoyed up to 17 hours. The quality level obtained in Deezer Free voice is even lower than the other two paid service packages, but still has medium quality and is very comfortable to hear.


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