Facebook Add Three New Features in the Messenger Feature

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Facebook announced a number of new camera features that can be used in its Messenger application. The feature is also equipped with Boomerang features, AR stickers that can be used in photos and videos, and Selfie modes that automatically create a blur bokeh effect.

Boomerang or the repetitive effects of the previous videos have already been present on popular Instagram applications. Messenger and Instagram are in the same parent company, so it’s not too surprising if this feature finally comes on Messenger.

Quoted from The Verge, Wednesday (12/19/2018) the addition of this new feature means that Facebook Messenger currently has five different camera modes, namely normal, video, text, boomerang, and selfie.

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All camera modes are located at the bottom when the camera is active on Messenger. Users can use different camera modes alternately as you want to use.

Several additional features were launched after two months Facebook announced a massive redesign of Messenger that emphasizes simplicity.

According to Facebook, Messenger’s new features will be available to global users at this time, meaning that these features are already available to Android and iOS devices.

Photos: Three additional features that Facebook has just launched for Messenger, namely Selfie, Boomerang, and AR Stickers.

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