Google Assistant Can Predict when Flight Delay

JAKARTA – Welcoming the Christmas and New Year holidays, Google Asistant can now be used to predict flights that will delay in the following hours.

How to use it is quite easy, open Google Asissistant, then say a question like “Hi, Google, is my flight on time?” or “Hi Google, what is the status of American Airlines flights from Philadelphia to Denver?”.

Then the Google Assistant will provide flight information that was asked. Google uses historical flight data and machine learning to help predict whether flights will depart on time.

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If Google feels that the accuracy of estimates reaches 85 percent or higher, Assitant will continue the possibility of long delays and provide reasons why, if known by Google Asistant.

Reporting from Phone Area, Wednesday (12/19/2018) Google says that for the next few weeks the assistant will “proactively” notify users if their flight is delayed than scheduled.

Google in uploading its blog also advises its users, especially for tourists to use Google Maps while traveling to a place that has never been visited.

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