Service Robots Enter Into Indonesia Next Year, The Fate of Workers Threatened

JAKARTA – PURI Robotics (Indonesian Robot Center) with the government, namely the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), in terms of developing and building automation technology to support the transformation towards industry.

PURI Robotics started by presenting an Intelligent Artifical (AI) Service robot. The Japanese technology robot was subsequently converted into technology to the nation’s children.

PURI Robotic Indonesia Operational Director, Glenn Gani Taufik said, there were several robots introduced on this occasion, especially humanoid robots. first, it introduced Robot Show.

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This robot looks like a cartoon character with a serious hardware equipped to run it. The robot is strategically built as a promotional robot with an Android screen of 13.3 inches that displays its spectrum of capabilities.

“This robot is mostly used in the fields of business, such as retail or hospitality, promotional actives or ad broadcasting informational support, education and entertainment,” said Glenn during his presentation at the Communication and Information Building, Jakarta, Saturday (12/15/2018).

“The fields that use a lot are restaurants, exhibitions, supermartets, guest delivery, greating, and offive delivery,” he added.

Both types of Amy Services robots. The 1.55 m high robot is capable of carrying items up to 10 kg. The robot is also equipped with SLAM Tech which makes navigation easy.

There are also robots that are given a 23.8-inch touch screen, called the AmyPlus Robot, this innovative humanoid robot can guide you to the desired destination without leaving the user. The features include changing the opening and greeting greetings, company logos, professional knowledge database, SLAM Tech built-in for easy navigation and dual OS, namely Linux and Android.

Finally, said Glen, there are two ALICE and ALICE Pro robots that can provide multifunctional professional services that will help, guide, entertain guests, answer questions, and provide navigation.

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