Google Launches Cheap Cellphones in Indonesia

JAKARTA –In the framework of the third annual “Google For Indonesia” event, the giant search engine in the field of the internet recently announced a number of its latest features and products.

One of the products that attracts attention is that feature phones sold are super cheap in Indonesia.

Uniquely, super cheap mobile phones issued by Google named WizPhone WP006 are already supported by the latest Google Asistant technology. WizPhone can use Google Asistant just by long pressing the button in the middle of the cellphone and immediately asking him to make phone calls, send messages, and even play youtube videos too.

Google Asistant’s Vice President of Engineering, Scott Huffman, said that Google wants to make Google Asistant able to be used by everyone and can be enjoyed by all people.

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“It’s not enough up there, Users can also ask Google Asistant to open certain pages that they want to visit to make it easier for users. This is the first Feature Phone that has been embedded into Google Asistant,” he explained on Tuesday (4 / 12/2018).

This latest mobile phone at a price that is considered very cheap is already equipped with Google Asistant’s search technology, priced at Rp. 99 thousand. Quite cheap, not with the price of this cellphone. We can already enjoy Google Asistant from Google.

Speaking of specifications, this phone is equipped with 512 MB RAM, 1800 mAH 4GB battery ROM which is claimed to last up to 350 hours in a stand by condition. Also equipped with a VGA front camera and 2 MP on the back.


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