Rumor Screen Protector about the Galaxy S10 Plus

SEOUL – The presence of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + continues to launch rumors. Some who call this phone will present a double selfie feature in the form of a pill on the screen at the top.

Recently a form of the Galaxy S10 screen protector has appeared, which was launched from the description of the Twitter account @IceUniverse, which just uploaded a screen protector, it could be that the rumor is true.

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The source of the GSM page says, the picture posted shows that there are two camera modules standing a little further to create a “dead” space between the two.

If this leak proves to be accurate, then it is certain that the upper and lower bezel will be slimmer than the previous S flagship series. Leaks from people in companies working at Samsung who have seen the upcoming flagship, the S10 plus will look very extraordinary.

The rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented with several series choices, and the regular model series will carry a single selfie camera. But the placement remains in the small hole above the cellphone screen.

The design concept of the Samsung duo gives us a warning, that almost all cellphones output in 2019 will have holes in the screen.


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