Apple and Samsung Master the World Premium Mobile Market

Seoul – Samsung Electronics Co. accounted for 22 percent of the global market share for the premium smartphone segment in the third quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, giant US manufacturers, Apple Inc., occupied the top position with 47 percent control.

Based on data released by Counterpoint Research, smartphone manufacturers from China, Vivo and Oppo each contributed 5 percent for the period July-September 2018. Meanwhile Xiaomi gained 3 percent market share for smartphones with a price tag of US $ 400 and above.

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In the price range of US $ 400 to US $ 600, Samsung leads with 25 percent market share. Meanwhile, Apple produces 21 percent.

For cellphones with a price range of US $ 600 to US $ 800, Apple and Samsung each booked a market share of 61 percent and 21 percent.

As for smartphones with a price of US $ 800 or higher, Apple controls 79 percent of all sales.



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