New! Hyundai Use Fingerprint Technology in Santa Fe

The latest Hyundai Santa Fe has a fingerprint feature. A technology that is able to eliminate the use of smart keys and conventional keys. The thing is, the driver only needs a fingerprint to access the vehicle.

Just holding the handle of the car and pressing the start / stop button, the car can turn on immediately. Once the fingerprint is recognized, the car can not only light up, but also activate all car settings according to the owner of the fingerprint.

For example, setting the car rear view mirror, the level of cooling the room, the position of the steering bar, and the driving mode that most fingerprint owners want. Hyundai does not only regulate this technology for one driver.

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This innovative feature can improve practicality and ease. The risk of not being able to enter the car because of forgetting to carry or losing a key is impossible. In addition, the vehicle security sector is getting better, because it is difficult to fake. Moreover, the system has a mechanism that detects any electrical level differences in some areas of the finger, so that the potential of hackers breaking into cars can be minimized.

Interestingly, the fingerprint can save driving settings such as the position of the bench, the direction of the rearview mirror and features connected to the car. Each driver must have a different suit. This system can change automatically according to the profile of the person whose fingerprint is read.

How does this technology work? Actually it’s not much different from the fingerprint technology on smart phones. Hyundai placed the fingerprint recognition sensor on the handle of the car and the car’s start / stop button. The owner just needs to record fingerprints in order to access the car.

After that, other people will not be able to carry the car. Hyundai claims, this car has a very small error rate. The error rate is only 1: 50,000 or the same as the fingerprint error rate on iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

Actually, fingerprint technology in the automotive world is not too new. Only, the new Hyundai makes this technology applied to the handle of the car and the start / stop button. Hertz, a global car rental company, even made more complicated technology, namely the biometric system.



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