1991 Dilan Films Live on February 28, 2019, Come Watch!

JAKARTA – The production house of Max Pictures has announced the Dilan 1991 showtimes. The sequel to the successful film Dilan 1990 (2018) will be released in theaters on February 28.

Max Pictures announced it via a video on Instagram on Thursday (1/3/2019). Shown in the video, two main characters; Dilan (played by Iqbaal Ramadhan) and Milea (Vanesha Prescilla).

The filming process of Dilan 1991 was conducted in Bandung and Jakarta in November 2018. Currently Max Pictures is still making the finishing touches in the post-production process.

“Alhamdulillah, filming Dilan 1991 was completed and running smoothly for 41 days. Pray that the post production process would be smooth and produce a good film, which would please many people,” director Fajar Bustomi told Detik.com (3/1) .

Actor Iqbaal Ramadhan again played the character Dilan, accompanied by Vanesha Prescilla as Milea. Iqbaal admitted that he had a fun shooting process even though he had to do it in the middle of rainy weather.

As Dilan the ‘warlord’, Iqbaal claimed to have to be able to remember filming in his first sequel. He tried hard back into the role because he wanted to act naturally and as is.

“It is quite interesting because following on from the last film of Dilan 1990, I tried to remember again those times and learned about his feelings so that his emotions continued,” Iqbaal said through his official statement.

Fajar stated that Dilan 1990’s success made her burden in working on the sequel more heavily. Understandably, the film was able to invite 6.3 million viewers, making it the second best-selling movie of all time after DKI Warkop Reborn: Cricket Boss! Part 1 (2016).

Foto: Max Pictures

“Now people watch the film and hope, because there is already a standard. It should not be less than yesterday,” said Fajar.

In 1991, Dilan continued his love affair between Dilan and Milea. According to Fajar, the second film adapted from the novel Dilan, Dia is the 1991 release of Pidi Baiq, which drains emotions more than Dilan 1990.

“If Dilan 1990 is not too much sad story. Dilan 1991 there are some who make us sometimes confused. Structurally the story of emotional ups and downs, makes anxious,” explained Fajar.

Vanesha also has the same opinion. “Yesterday (Dilan 1990), the story was how their process (Dilan and Milea) became dating, invented, so it was very happy. If this (Dilan 1991), the conflict is very much,” Vanesha told Tribunnews (30/10/2018).

“Honestly, I was right to read the scenario until I was carried away, until I cried,” said the 19-year-old actress.

Dilan 1990 managed to become one of the most successful films in Indonesia by attracting more than six million viewers during screenings in theaters. Director Fajar Bustomi believes that Dilan 1991 will be well received by the audience.

“Alhamdulillah, filming the film Dilan 1991 went smoothly. Hopefully it will become a film that can make people happy,” said Fajar.



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