Aquaman Becomes King of the Box Office this Year

Los Angeles – Not only being king in the ocean, Aquaman has also been able to survive in the North American box office for the past two weeks. Last week, this film by James Wan apparently pocketed US $ 52.1 million (Rp. 753.8 billion) at 4,125 cinema screens.

This number is enough to make a proud Warner Bros production house. Not to mention seeing income in the international market, the figure is not less large, namely US $ 562.4 million (Rp 81, trillion). Of course, the biggest market and largest contributor is China, which until now has reached US $ 232.9 million (Rp3.3 trillion).

Not infrequently, people say Aquaman followed a film starring Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman is called the best DC film and savior of Warner Bros. Because, since the Batman v Superman movie: Dawn of Justice (2016) was released, the film adapted from DC Comics is often disliked by fans of super hero films.

Even so, on social media also debated the performance of Aquamans as the successor to the success of Wonder Woman. However, this was not questioned by the director. In fact, James Wan was very concerned about the film critics bullied by Aquaman fans for giving negative ratings.

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Continuing the next position on the box office ladder, which was apparently still occupied by Mary Poppins Returns. This film by Rob Marshall is indeed not as lucky as Aquaman, even though it was released at the same time.

The income gap between the two films turned out to be very far, Mary Poppins Returns only produced US $ 28.3 million (Rp. 409.5 billion) in the second week. As for the total revenue of 14 days, the film was only able to reach US $ 99.2 million (Rp. 1.4 trillion) in the North American region and US $ 75.1 million (Rp.1 trillion) in the international market.

In terms of its own review, the film starring Emily Blunt is flooded with positive opinions from several aggregator sites. For example, from Rotten Tomatoes, Mary Poppins Returns scored 7.3 / 10 from 274 critics. While Cinemascore, gives a value of ‘A-‘.

The fate of Mary Poppins Returns, also felt by Bumblebee who sat in third position since first airing two weeks ago. Flooded with positive reviews, the film played by Hailee Steinfeld only gets US $ 20.9 million (IDR 302.4 billion).

As for the total income for 14 days, the film gets US $ 67.1 million (Rp. 970.9 billion) in the domestic region and US $ 90 million (Rp. 1.3 trillion) in the international market. In fact, the production costs incurred by Paramount to make this film are also quite large, namely US $ 135 million (Rp 1.9 billion).

Here are 10 box office movie listings:

1. Aquaman – US $ 52.1 million

2. Mary Poppins Returns – US $ 28.3 million

3. Bumblebee – US $ 20.9 million

4. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – US $ 18.8 million

5. The Mule – US $ 12.1 million

6. Vice – US $ 7.7 million

7. Holmes and Watson – US $ 7.4 million

8. Second Act – US $ 7.3 million

9. Ralph Breaks the Internet – US $ 6.7 million

10. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018) – US $ 4.1 million


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