Naver Search Site Releases List of World's Most Popular Idols

Bisatau.com – South Korea is known to not use search sites like Google and many other countries such as Bing, Yahoo and others.

This country of origin of Kpop culture is known to use a special search site called Naver. Naver search sites are not as popular as Google or Bing.

Even this search engine only contributes a small percentage in the global market. But this Naver search site is the most popular in the South Korean domestic market.

Search engines other than Google. (thesearchmonitor.com)
This Naver search site is also known to have good algorithms even though it uses Korean, Naver is known to have better results than Google.

At the end of last year, Google released a lot of the most searched things on the search site during 2018.

Not wanting to lose to Google, the Naver search site also does the same thing.

Reported from the allkpop page, Naver released a list of idols that are most frequently searched for during 2018.

1. BTS

The singer of the song ” Idol ” dominates the search and conversation of the world even social media. No wonder the boy band fronted by RM and friends is at the top level with more than 66 million searches.

2. Want One

Kang Daniel and his friends were ranked second with more than 22 million searches on Naver.


The Cheer Up singer has become the most wanted idol in South Korea during 2018 with more than 19 million searches.

4. Red Velvet

Not inferior to other boyband and girl groups, Red Velvet is also the hottest search in 2018 with a total of more than 16 million searches.

5. IZ * ONE

The South Korean girl band IZ * ONE, which has Kpop and Jpop genre, was ranked number five on the Naver search site for more than 11 million searches.

Followed by Black Pink, EXO, MAMAMOO, BTOB, and finally iKON.

What is your favorite Boyband and Girlband that is on the Naver search list or not?



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