The Pocophone F1 Camera Can Feature 960fps 4k 60fps and Slow-Mo Mode

Who doesn’t know Pocophone F1, it seems that this cheap smartphone from Xiaomi already has many fans. This is because the Pocophone F1 is the cheapest smartphone that uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Armed with features that are already qualified, the company seems to continue to present better features for the smartphone, especially for cameras.

The capability software release is scheduled for next February. For information, the Pocophone F1 camera initially only supports 30fps recording (at 2160p and 1080p).

Pocophone India Main Manager, C Manhoman has announced the presence of new features for the smartphone through his Twitter account. The stable build with selow-mo 960 fps mode feature will be launched in February and the same update will also activate Xiaomi’s Night mode.

The first update was also promised to solve the problem of battery waste and screen touch problems that users reported.

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The China Giz page reports, the Pocophone F1 does not have Widevine L1, meaning the handset cannot stream HD videos from Netflix and the like. The Xiaomi team also worked with partners to complete this problem, although it is not clear how much can be done -Widevine cannot be updated online. In addition, at this time Pocophone is also reportedly preparing to update the Pocophone F1. This Xiaomi sub-brand headquartered in India does not want to be open regarding the increase in what is done on both devices.

As we know, the shortcomings of the Pocophone F1 do not have Widevine L1 support, which means that this smartphone cannot pass HD video streaming from Netflix and similar applications. Of course the Pocophone development team with partners continues to collaborate on this issue, although it is currently unclear how much can be done and Widevine itself cannot be updated through OTA.

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