Samsung Smart TV Alexa Adoption and Google Assistant

SEOUL – Samsung finally announced that its smart television users can control their latest QLED TV through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The condition is, as long as they have devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Samsung TV will execute commands received from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. But the only integrated voice assistant remained Bixby’s.

But Alexa and Google Assistant can only control the volume, turn on or turn off the TV, change the input or start the selected application. While Bixby has more sophisticated features, such as the ability to speak with a Samsung remote control.

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The GSM Arena page, Monday (07/01/2019), said that Samsung could not ignore the spread of Alexa and Google Home devices which were much higher than Samsung Home speakers with Bixby technology. This technology itself is still limited to smartphones, TVs, and other Samsung electronic equipment.

Samsung has not committed to providing support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to its old smart TV. Only based on previous experience, we can look forward to the previous year’s model updates to the latest series that arrived on the market.

Samsung Electronics recently announced remote access capabilities in its smart TV product line and its implementation will be active starting this year. With this feature, a good connection between a PC, tablet and smartphone can be reached wirelessly and all compatible programs can be controlled remotely.

Wireless keyboards, mice and other devices can be connected to Samsung Smart TV and users can access PCs remotely without a separate HDMI cable. In addition, web browser-based cloud office services can be accessed via remote access, so users can access files and use smart TV to process documents.



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