This Is Behind How The Youtube Ads Work That We Often See

Currently YouTube is one of the websites with the highest traffic in the world.

As a video sharing website, YouTube is indeed the right place for us who want to find a variety of videos.

Whether it’s entertainment videos, tutorials, movie footage, to video clips of songs. Everything we can find on YouTube.

Even now many TV stations upload their program videos to their official YouTube channel.

This makes people prefer to watch YouTube compared to TV. Because they can watch their favorite shows anytime and anywhere, most importantly their devices are connected to the internet.

Actually not only YouTube, there are already several other video sharing websites that also offer the same features as YouTube.

But what distinguishes YouTube from other similar websites is the community.

Many original creators only create content on YouTube. Also Read: How to Successfully Become a Youtuber Quickly

Why do they want to do that?

One of them is because on YouTube, besides we can freely make videos, we will also get money from Google AdSense.

How does it work? For those of you who are curious, you can read the explanation below.

Broadly speaking, ads on YouTube work in this way:

  • Advertisers place ads on Google AdSense
  • Then the content creators sign up for Google AdSense
  • Their videos are now equipped with advertisements
  • Every video that displays Google AdSense ads will be rewarded in the form of money
  • Every month Google AdSense will transfer payment money to the YouTuber accounts

Well, for those of you who have a channel on YouTube and happen to have a large audience, then I suggest you immediately register with Google AdSense.

That way each viewer watching your video will see an ad and you will get paid.

If you are serious about managing YouTube channels, then income from YouTube will be very tempting.

Just look at Youtuber-youtuber from abroad, many are successful from their YouTube channel.

Even life is no less luxurious than celebrities.

And in Indonesia now the profession as Youtuber is also on the rise. You can read more about the story of the successful Youtuber in the laptop room.

So, after knowing how to work ads on YouTube, are you interested in becoming a Youtuber?


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