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4 Accessories Must Have By Gamers

Playing games is indeed a very fun activity. Gaming, both offline and online, can be a choice of activities to fill your spare time or to unwind from a boring routine. In fact, online games have become part of a lifestyle ranging from children, teenagers to adults in this increasingly sophisticated digital era.

Lately, being a gamers has become a pretty promising job to make a lot of profits. This can be seen from the increasing number of game competitions that provide huge prizes even up to billions of rupiah.

Another option is to become a Youtuber game that can earn a lot of income from YouTube. One recent example is Kimi Hime, a beautiful gamer who has successfully become Youtuber Game where the Youtube channel Kimi Hime has more than 1 million subscribers.

Besides that, since e-sports was contested at the 2018 Asian Games, online games are increasingly attractive because gamers also get the opportunity to become e-sports athletes. You need to know that the 2018 Asian Games also play several games including Arena of Valor, League of Legends, Crash Royale, Hearthstone, Starcraft II to Pro Evolution Soccer.

Well, for those of you who want to be successful gamers, there are a number of devices that you must have to support your performance. What ammunition are you required to use?

Ammunition Must Be Owned by Gamers
To get the best performance while playing a game, you must have a qualified support device. Not just a laptop or PC gaming that must be used, but input devices and other accessories specifically for gaming must be owned if you want to really maximize the results achieved. The following are accessories that you must use as mandatory ammunition for gamers.

Gaming Mouse
The first device you must have is a gaming mouse. The best gaming mouse must match your desk, hands and playing style.

Using a gaming mouse can clearly improve the quality of your game. Mouse that is specifically for gaming will have a size that fits in the grip so that it provides comfort when used for a long time when playing a game. Gaming mice also have a high level of precision and sensitivity that is needed when playing games. By using a gaming mouse, your performance will be more maximal and your chances of winning the match will be even greater.

Choosing a gaming mouse is not a difficult job, but it is also not an easy thing. At present there are many choices of gaming mice with various specifications and variants available on the market as more companies produce gaming mice.

Some of the recommended gaming mice, the Razer Deathadder Elite, Razer Naga Trinity, Logitech G502, Logitech G903, or Corsair Ironclaw RGB are more suitable for large and wide hands. You certainly can choose a suitable gaming mouse by adjusting the convenience of use and of course the budget that you have.

Gaming Keyboard
The next accessory that you must use is the gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboard is certainly different from the keyboard that is specifically for typing in general. The gaming keyboard is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for gamers so as not to cause cramps or fatigue during long sessions.

Gaming keyboards, especially wireless gaming keyboards, will also give you freedom of movement when playing games. You can play Fortnite on the bed or even move it on the living room sofa. Gaming keyboards are sure to make your game’s ‘achievements’ increase.

Some gaming keyboards that can be selected are Logitech G613, Corsair K63, and also Logitech K350. Besides that there are still many gaming keyboards in various variants with varying prices.

Gaming Mouse Pad
Besides gaming mouse and keyboard, the mouse pad that you use will be even better if it is specifically made for gaming. The gaming mouse ensures smooth and precise mouse movements. A mouse pad with a smooth and well-designed surface can provide comfort so that your game performance increases.

You can choose a mouse pad made of fabric that has a soft surface so the mouse can stop at the right place. You can also choose a gaming mouse pad based on size to suit your gaming needs.

Gaming Headset
In order for the quality of your game to be higher, you must feel the real sensation in the real game. You can present this sensation with a gaming headset, where you can hear the sounds in the game in detail.

A gaming headset will also make it easier for you to communicate with teammates when playing online games. For this reason, a reliable gaming headset is a device that you must use to boost your performance.

This gaming headset will also function well when you want to become a vlogger game, which will make your voice clearly recorded.

Besides the accessories above, you can also add a webcam. You can use webcams when doing live streaming while playing games, or just making a vlog.

The accessories above are mandatory objects that you must have and you use to improve performance while winning in the games you play. So, there’s nothing wrong with starting to set aside your funds to hunt for ammo above! May be useful.


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