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7 Ways to Fix a Broken Laptop Keyboard, Proven Effective!

Computers become one of the important things that must exist for some users or people who work using computers. The ability to use computers is very important to master because it can support the work done so that it is quickly completed and can do other things.

Computers are very identical to the keyboard, which is an important object or component that must exist in order to be able to use the computer properly and optimally. The existence of a keyboard, you can do work on a computer faster, because typing characters can be easier to do.

Often problems occur when we use the keyboard. Damage to the keyboard can hamper the work or typing that we do with computers. So you need to repair a damaged laptop keyboard so that it can do activities or work properly and on time.

Damage that occurs on a laptop keyboard can be triggered from various events. Here’s how to repair a damaged laptop keyboard that you can do when you experience a laptop keyboard failure.

# 1 Don’t Forget to Clean Your Keyboard

The keyboard is an important component when you use a laptop. With the keyboard, you can type various things and can help your work finish quickly.

However, there are times when your keyboard is damaged because you do not always maintain the cleanliness of your keyboard. therefore, cleaning the keyboard is important and must be done to keep your keyboard functioning properly. Cleaning the keyboard is something you can do anytime when you have free time.

Cleaning the keyboard can be done using a soft cloth or by using a tissue. That way, your keyboard will look cleaner than dust and dirt. Your keyboard can function well too. So you can minimize the problem of a broken laptop keyboard.

# 2 Restart the Laptop

When you experience a problem that the laptop keyboard is not functioning properly. It’s good if you restart your laptop first. A keyboard that is not functioning properly can result in obstruction of your work to finish quickly. So you can restart the laptop to restore the function of the laptop keyboard properly.

Restarting the laptop can be done easily, by clicking Windows start -> Power -> Restart. After that, the restart process will run and you just have to wait for the restart process to complete.

# 3 Your Laptop Restore System

Damage to the laptop keyboard is a simple problem but can have serious consequences. Because it can hinder the work you do. A damaged report keyboard can be caused by your error in installing the application.

Unconsciously, there are usually applications that can cause your keyboard to decline in function. Therefore, with this problem you must restore your laptop system. Why is that? Because by doing a restore, you can restore the applications that you installed the first time. So that with this, the possibility of your laptop keyboard can function properly again.

# 4 Test Keyboard

When you experience problems with damage to a laptop keyboard, there is nothing wrong if you test which keys on the keyboard are not working. You can do keyboard testing in various ways. One simple way is to do a manual typing on Microsoft Word or other writing media.

Another way you can do this is by testing the keyboard that uses the application. You can find various applications to test the functions of the buttons on your laptop keyboard.

# 5 Keyboard On Screen

Sometimes there are a number of buttons on your keyboard that can’t function properly. Therefore, you can use the keyboard on screen functions found on your laptop. the function of the keyboard on this screen is the same as the keyboard in general.

You can use all these buttons to handle the keys on the keyboard that cannot be used. Using this keyboard on screen, you can do your job well even though you experience some problems on your laptop keyboard.

# 6 External Keyboard

You can do the repair of a damaged laptop keyboard easily. And another way is to use an external keyboard. With this external keyboard, you can do your work easily.

An external keyboard that you can use to your liking. You can also choose an external keyboard to choose the model you want. So that you can still use the keyboard properly.

# 7 Service Center

When you have done various ways to keep your keyboard function running properly and normally, but the function of your laptop keyboard still cannot be used normally, the last way you can do is to bring your laptop to a trusted service center in your area.

Bringing your laptop to a service center is the right way you can do to restore the function of your laptop keyboard properly and normally. However, you still have to be careful when choosing a trusted service center. More precisely you can come to the official service center of your laptop brand.

Well, it’s very diverse, no, how to repair a damaged laptop keyboard. Now you can take care of your laptop keyboard properly and use it to suit your needs. The work will be completed faster because the keyboard is in a normal condition.


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