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How to Check Samsung’s HP Warranty Use an Easy Secret Code

For you Samsung Android smartphone users and want to check the Samsung cellphone warranty that you have. But you don’t understand how to check it. Well actually you can check it by using the special code that was made by this South Korean company. That way you can find out the active period of warranty for your Android smartphone at any time.

Actually, not only Samsung android smartphones use secret codes to find out the warranty period. It turns out that there are also many other smartphone vendors such as iPhone, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo, Vivo, Advan, and others who use a secret code to check the active warranty period of the smartphone.

If you don’t know or already know how to check the warranty of a Samsung Android smartphone but use a complicated method. So by using this secret code you can check the active period of warranty for Samsung Android smartphones that you use with a simple and of course very effective.

How to Check the HP Warranty Samsung Uses the Secret Code Easily

The following will provide a little tutorial that you can follow to find out the rest of the warranty on your Samsung Android smartphone. For more details, you can see the following tutorial.

1. First make sure the Samsung Android smartphone that you have is in good condition, meaning you have a battery of at least 10% or you can do this tutorial while charging on your Samsung android smartphone.

2. Then open the Samsung android smartphone that you have then look for the default application from Samsung which is of course very familiar and we often use it. The application is the Dial Phone, which usually will automatically be on the homescreen.

4. If you have found the Dial Phone application, please open the application. To check the warranty of your Samsung Android smartphone, you can type the Samsung secret code * 12580 * 369 # to bring up a hidden menu.

5. If the code you typed above is correct, the Samsung secret menu will appear as shown below. Now you can see the warranty date of your Samsung Android smartphone on the Cal RF menu.

In this tutorial, you can use a Samsung Galaxy V cellphone. Information on the RF Cal menu contains the year, month, date of the smartphone purchased, namely on December 26, 2014.

When compared with this year, the warranty from the used Samsung Galaxy V cellphone has run out. Because usually an Android smartphone made by Samsung only has a one-year warranty after purchasing the device.

If you already know the device warranty is over, of course you will think twice about buying it. There are so many things that you can consider, for example, if there is damage, you will certainly spend a relatively large amount of money because it does not involve a guarantee.

Besides that, from a physical point of view there are blisters here and there which cause us to hesitate to buy the smartphone because it has fallen or been hit by another kind of disaster. Therefore you must really pay attention to the smartphone that you want to choose really has guaranteed quality and can be used in a relatively long period of time.

But there are also certain situations where the smartphone casing looks smooth and does not look like a beret at all, but when used it feels sluggish or slow. This has been very common due to the act of irresponsible pirated smartphone assemblers. They even dare to sell products that they make in the nearest malls.

Usually the assembled smartphone will use the original Samsung smartphone’s cellphone casing. but the cellphone innards have been overhauled and replaced with similar smartphones with KW quality. So from that smartphone has specifications that are not suitable which causes the use is not optimal so it will become slow.

The assembled smartphones are usually circulated in small cities that have weak security levels. That way, it is used as an opportunity by unscrupulous KW or smartphone assemblers.

As a wise and smart smartphone user, of course we must be smart in determining which smartphone suits our needs. In addition to using the warranty as an indicator, you must also pay attention to the health of the LCD of the smartphone you want to buy. So from bus or, hopefully it can be useful and helpful. Good luck, good luck.


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