MIUI 11 Begins, Xiaomi Gives Unique and Latest Features – After MIUI 10 was considered quite successful, it didn’t make Xiaomi silent. Now let us know that Xiaomi has started the development of MIUI 11.

MIUI itself is an Android-based custom ROM developed by Xiaomi. Xiaomi smartphones generally use MIUI, except those that carry Android One.

After yesterday it was considered quite successful to present MIUI 10 to various Xiaomi smartphones. This Chinese company will continue to the next generation.

Quoted from Gizmochina, at the MIUI Core Ecperience Annual Meeting, Liu Ming, Xiaomi Internet’s head of product planning began to introduce MIUI 11.

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It is known, MIUI 10 update has been given to 40 Xiaomi Mi and Redmi smartphone models. From the latest Xiaomi smartphone models, up to a few old ones get MIUI 10.

In total, MIUI itself has been used by more than 300 million users, takes development time up to 402 weeks, and lasts more than 8 years.

MIUI is also claimed to be the longest-running custom ROM from Chinese smartphone manufacturers. And until now, MIUI still continues to be supported and developed by Xiaomi.

From a photo circulating, MIUI 11 was introduced as ” a new and unique OS ” (a new and unique OS), which is thought to be the new tagline from Xiaomi for this custom ROM.

As in MIUI 9 it carries “lightning fast” and MIUI 10 with the tagline “AI full-screen system”.

Xiaomi mulai kembangkan MIUI 11. (mydrivers)

Previously, Xiaomi also hinted it would focus on improving UI during the development of MIUI 11 later.

Xiaomi will not make a big difference in the MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 interfaces. It will focus on the real needs of users.

Are there still ads in MIUI 11? There is no clarity, because there is no official statement from Xiamoi regarding their new custom ROM.

The launch of MIUI 11 is also uncertain when. But surely it will promise many new features that make it interesting.



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