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How to Download Story on Instagram Easily

Instagram is an image sharing application that is very popular among millennials. Not only images, but Instagram also adds new features to the video, insta story and IGTV.

Because of its popularity, Instagram defeated its parent company Facebook. In fact, many technology watchers see the potential of Instagram to defeat the giant YouTube technology pioneered by Google. With the IGTV feature, it allows us all to watch videos of long duration.

With all its sophistication, Instagram has many disadvantages, one of which does not have a content download feature, which means that for users who want to download content in it, they must use a third party. third party is usually an application or web that can help users.

On this good occasion I will share a How to Download Story Instagram easily and simply, can use additional applications, do not use the application and even download it via a desktop browser. To find out how, let’s check below:

1. Download Story with the Application

How to Download Story Instagram first using third party applications. This story saver application can be used for Android and iOS and will certainly help Smarters to download Instagram Story easily without the need to report-report to and fro.

By installing the story saver application it will facilitate Smarters’ work of course. Once installed, open the application and search for the Instagram username who wants to download the story, then click Download.

2. Download Story Without Application

The second is How to Download Story Instagram without an application. If Smarters doesn’t want to install any application on their smartphone, then this is the best answer to get the desired story. Because this website will help you download the story just by entering the IG username. To download Story Instagram without an application you can access the site here.

3. Download Story with PC

How to download Story Instagram on PC is very easy. For Smarters who already have a Google Chrome browser already familiar with the word extension.

With the help of the extension on Google Chrome, it will make it easier for you to download stories on Google Chrome. Simply install this extension, then open Instagram in your browser and click the Chrome IG Story extension, then the download symbol will emerge IG stories of your friends.


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