Dolby Is Reported to Be Making a Music Recorder Mobile Application

To produce good quality music, it is only natural for musicians to record in a recording studio with more professional equipment and software. This is of course done to get good quality, especially seeing the advantages of recording studios are usually better in soundproofing. But according to a report from TechCrunch, Dolby is working on a recording application with the code name “234” that will make recording on the go easier.

For now, many voice recording applications are available for mobile devices, and even most smartphones already have an audio recording application by default. But one difference between the application and the Dolby application is that the Dolby application will be smart enough to measure background noise and cancel it during the recording process.

This means that if you are recording in a less-than-ideal location where there may be fan noise, air conditioning, or traffic around you, the theory is that the Dolby application must be able to capture that noise to cancel it, just like you do with headphones which has noise-canceling features. Users will also be able to improve their recordings with various audio effects.

Dolby himself has refused to comment on reports from TechCrunch, but the publication shows certain evidence such as a website where users can register to test beta, even though it has since been disabled. Of course the application made by a reputable audio company in the world sounds interesting, but what kind of real performance should we see when the application is really available.



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