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How to Transfer OVO Balance Through a Bank Account

How to Transfer OVO Balances to a Bank Account – OVO is one smart application that gives you greater opportunities to collect points in many places. In addition you can use OVO to transact at all merchants marked OVO Accepted Here and collect OVO Points at merchants marked OVO Zone.

By using this application you can make a deposit that you can use for various payment transactions at various merchants that work with OVO, one of which is that you can transfer OVO balances to the Bank account at no charge.

With the presence of this digital wallet, it will certainly make it easier for you who often miss your wallet. Now for you OVO users who want to transfer OVO balance to a bank account then you can follow the methods below.

How to Transfer OVO Balances to a Bank Account:

The first step is to open and run the OVO application that is installed on your Smartphone.

  • Then if you have entered the OVO application then select the Transfer menu in the application.
  • After that enter the Bank Account option and enter the nominal money you want
  • The next step is to select a bank to choose the bank you will send and enter your bank account.
  • Then check again whether the Bank, Account Number and Nominal entered are correct if it is correct, if you have, then just tap the Confirmation button.
  • Then enter the OVO account and wait for the process to complete. If successful, the application will display details of the Bank Name, Recipient Name, Nominal or Account
  • Number that you can save as proof of transfer. Finished.

How, how easy is that right? Thus the review of an easy way to transfer OVO balances to bank accounts, I hope the above review can be useful information especially for OVO users, so and good luck!



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