Intel Processor Gen 10 Officially Enters Indonesia

Lately, one of the famous processor makers, Intel, has just exhibited its 10th generation processor released in Indonesia.

At the 10th Brightspot Marketplace some of the computer manufacturers have exhibited superior products. Following vendors such as Acer, Lenovo and MSI showcased the latest products that already use the 10th generation of Intel Core.

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Intel 10 Gen Processor Officially Enter Indonesia

From the exhibition the event shown was not just a laptop, but there were also those who adopted the convertible design alias 2-in-1. Rows of laptops on display are Acer Aspire 5, HP Eny 13, HP Pavilion x360, HP 14s, Lenovo C640, and MSI Prestige 15. From the sources obtained there are 7 designs available that will later be sold in the Indonesian market at the end of 2019. Over time there will be more and more laptops that use 10th generation Intel Core processors.

workshop intel
workshop intel

At the Brightspot Marketplace, Intel also held a 2-hour workshop on video editing trials. In this workshop shows how today’s modern laptops can already have a performance like the modern times of the future. This 10th generation processor is highly recommended for creative creature content and creative people with high creativity.

“We are very proud to be in the middle of Indonesia’s creative marketplace, to show the latest devices using the 10th Generation Intel Core processors to the creative community in Indonesia. From complex work to daily content production, 10th generation processors allow gaming at 1080p resolution and also high-resolution content creation can be done, “said Rini Hasbi, Intel ANZ and Southeast Asia’s Head of Consumer Marketing.

“Intel also offers the best connectivity in its class with Intel Wifi 6 (Gig + and Thunderbolt 3). We hope that this modern laptop experience will bring Indonesia’s creative community to a higher level.”


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