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How to Quickly Blog Articles Appear in Google Search

After completing the article, of course we will publish the article, we want the published article to appear on the Google search page, right? If so, you can follow the following ways to submit Google URLs!

By default, if you have already submitted a sitemap to Google Search Console, the default article will appear if we search for it with Google Search. The time period for each website to appear is different. If you update articles every day, Google bots will probably work faster than blogs that even only once a week to publish articles.

There are ways you can do to check whether the content has been indexed or not, you can visit the site: a link in the browser like this:


If a link appears in the search results, it means that the content you created has been indexed by Google and can compete with the content or keyword articles that you are after.

Then there are several ways if the article that you created is still not indexed by Google? You can try several ways to submit to Google so that the articles you make appear quickly!

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How to Quickly Blog Articles Appear on Google

So that articles quickly appear on the Google page, you can try several ways as follows:

1. Submit the URL to Google Search Console

To use this site, make sure that you have registered with Google Search Console first, then follow the steps below:

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  • In the new Google Search Console view, you only need to copy the URL in the dashboard box, or by selecting the INSPECTION URL menu
  • After that the GSC will check whether the link has been indexed or not.
  • If not, then the option to Submit URL to Google. Click the option then wait for the process to finish.

If you already do it that way, it usually doesn’t take long for your articles to be indexed on Google. And just do it once, no need to repeatedly because it does not affect the index queue list on Google.

How to Quickly Blog Articles Appear on Google

2. Submit the URL to Google AddUrl

Google Add URL is a free service provided by Google to make it easy for articles created to appear immediately on Google.

  • Go to the site
  • Fill in the URL column with your article link, use the address http: // or https: //
  • After that, click the ADD URL button and fill in the Captcha.
  • Done Wait for the Google bot to work.

3. Ping Sitemap Blog

We can use the Ping Sitemap Blog to notify search engines that there are updates to the latest articles from the blog.

Popular ping service recommendations are Pingler and Ping-O-Matic. To use it you only need to write the name of the blog along with the blog URL and fee URL only. If so, the Ping service will tell you what search engines can be used on the articles that you create.

Ping Sitemap Blog

From the tutorial above are the initial steps you can take to display your article in Google search. It not only speeds up indexing, but also makes your article reach more readers.



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