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How to Strengthen Wifi Signals Easily

In today’s technological era almost everyone uses the internet, especially if the internet is obtained for free. To spread internet signals usually use wifi or repeater. In various strategic locations we can find the wifi network easily. Some are paid but some are free. But on that side wifi also sometimes has a weakness of the spread of very weak signals.

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Sometimes Wifi will feel slow if used together. This certainly can make users upset, we will share information on how to strengthen the wifi signal easily and you can do it yourself at home.

How to Strengthen Wifi Signals Easily

Some ways to strengthen the wifi signal that you can do are:

1. Using the Latest Wifi Technology

Sinyal wifi

Technology advances are increasingly experiencing, hardware and software are also undergoing updates to keep up with the latest technology trends. As it is replacing the laptop wireless card with the latest technology. Now there are five types of laptop technology available, namely wireless A, B, G, N and AC.

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In terms of speed, wireless N and AC technology is more reliable than Wireless A, B, and G. Especially if the router uses Wireless N and Ac, the signal amplifier will be more leverage.

2. Using Empty Channels

The next way to strengthen the wifi signal is to ensure that many people are connected to it. If the wifi signal is used simultaneously and is used by many people it is not surprising if the quality of the wifi signal will decrease.

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To be sure, you can take advantage of an application called inSSIDer that can be used on Windows 7 through Windows 10. Choose an empty or empty user channel.

3. Choosing the Right Position

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Wifi signal uses air as its signal distribution medium. Therefore it is endeavored to put the wifi position not to be blocked by walls or objects that cannot be penetrated by the air. This way the signal that is distributed by the wifi will be stronger.

It would be nice to position the laptop close to the router. This aims to make signal reception better.

4. Keep Other Electronic Devices

Electronic devices such as microwaves can be a barrier to strong WiFi signals. The solution is you have to keep away electronic equipment that can make the signal slow. This method is quite effective if applied at home.

Apart from that, you can also use a dual band router so you can move frequencies easily.

5. Using Wifi Repeater

Wifi Repeater is a device that can receive wifi signals, then spread again so that the wifi signal distance becomes wider. With this tool

6. Routinely Rebooting the Router

Even though the internet is fast, but the wifi router is never rebooted periodically, it can cause the wifi signal to be slow. Reboot routers routinely and take advantage of the DD-WRT firmware application to restart the router automatically in accordance with the time you can specify.

Those are some ways to strengthen the wifi signal that you can do easily. For laptops that you can use freely, you can use any type.


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