ADATA Ready to Monitor, Laptop and PC Gaming Production

Ahead of the new year, of course, many manufacturers are releasing their newest products in 2020. One of them is a vendor from ADATA, where popular companies from Taiwan who are more famous for SSD and DRAM producers will now try to develop a much wider market share, including monitor production , Laptops and PC Gaming.

So, there will be new competitors, where ADATA will make it into a brand Xtreme Performance Fear or can be called XPG. The company ADATA states that their goal is to provide the latest products that keep pace with the times.

ADATA XPG Series products

And for more information, it looks like it will be announced at CES 2020, which of course will make consumers more curious. On the other hand, the XPG series is rumored to provide a choice of new products as the latest generation launchers.

This is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop with a 1080p IPS screen and comes with the power of the 9th generation Intel Core i9. There are no complete specifications for the laptop, but the manufacturer will also present a Photon monitor that is equipped with a 27-inch panel including many technologies that are brought in, such as Vivid Color Eye-Safe Display Pixel Display.

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ADATA also provides a XPG Volta PC casing, according to TechpowerUp this is a premium casing that can provide quality and form design that is quite great for PC Builder, including support for the E-ATX mobo.

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Apart from that ADATA with a special brand of XPG will bring a new start that is not only focused on storage and memory products, but will be more extensive to create product variants. Let’s wait next year for products from ADATA.

Thus the information that can be conveyed, hopefully this information is useful for those of you who are looking for products from ADATA.


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