Tax Regulations For Luxury Car Users, Forced Detention

The Tax and Retribution Agency has 1,100 luxury cars in Indonesia which have arrears of Rp 37 billion in taxes. One luxury car is a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano on behalf of PT Nana Yamato Technik with the Wolter Mongindisi street address.

DKI Jakarta BPRD spokeswoman, Mulyo Sasungko said that the delinquent tax on luxury cars with a value above Rp 100 million will be made a rule with the threat of forced detention of the body if it does not carry out its obligation to pay taxes “Gijzeling can be proposed” Mulyo said, at the DKI DPRD, Friday, December 6 2019.

Mulyo also said of 1,100 luxury cars, 336 of them had been blocked because they used other people’s identities. “We hope that taxpayers of luxury cars will immediately pay taxes before legal action is taken”.

The tax agency also has several plans to deal with people who are late paying taxes. Starting from the imposition of bills such as the owner of Ferarri 599 GTB Fiorano in arrears Rp 129 million, vehicle blocking, forced detention of the body, to the confiscation of luxury vehicles. “The process will be quite long to be auctioned. What is certain is that the car will be auctioned off to pay off quite large arrears”.

The tempo of the source, who declined to be named, said that the price of the Ferarri 599 GTB Fiorano is currently around Rp 3 billion. “Currently the car was imported to Indonesia in 2006/2007, the price has reached Rp 6.9 billion. The price does not include taxable”.


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