WhatsApp New Features in 2020 With Dark Mode

The WhatsApp Social Media Platform develops new features. In addition to pampering users, this feature is also a place for advertising.

The Latest WhatsApp Features in 2020

Some news on the development of the WhatsApp application which was released in 2020. What are these new features? Here are the reviews:

1. Dark Mode or Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature has begun to be adapted by many applications in the past two years. There are several applications that have implemented Dark Mode features such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter that have received positive response from users.

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Besides being more comfortable in the eyes when used for a long time. This Dark Mode feature is also claimed to blow the battery when used by the Super Amoled screen. The Dark Mode feature is planned to be presented in version 2.19.294 update. The company is rumored to be naming it with the Dark Theme feature.

Dark Theme on WhatsApp does not use black, but dark blue. Users can activate this mode in the WhatsApp settings menu.

2. Delete Automatic Messages

This feature is rumored to be named Delete Messages. Its function is similar to Secret Chat in Telegram, which can delete messages automatically after some time can be a matter of hours, days, weeks, months, even years.

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In contrast to Secret Chat, the Delete Messages feature will only be available on WhatsApp groups, not applicable to personal chat.

3. Reverse Image Search

This feature can make it easier for users to find the source of the downloaded image. This feature is similar to that developed by Google Image.

Judging from its function, this feature can be seen to browse for images that are potentially loaded with false information that is widely spread on WhatsApp. So to ensure the source of the downloaded image comes from where you can use this feature.

4. Advertisements on WhatsApp Stories

Reporting from the Facebook event in Germany some time ago, Facebook will insert ads contained in WhatsApp stories or commonly referred to as WhatsApp status.

As with Instagram Stories, ads will be tucked into WhatsApp Status. The ad will be equipped with a Swipe Up icon that will link the advertising site. The advertiser’s company name and product will appear on the top side as well as the contact.

Reportedly only to be released in 2020, the pros and cons have begun to emerge. Because WhatsApp is a clean application from advertisements.

5. Facial Recognition

Reported by Mashable, WhatsApp will strengthen its security by using the face recognition feature on the latest WhatsApp application to open access on mobile.

6. New Emoji

On the latest WhatsApp for version 2.19.315 in 2020 users can enjoy emoji version 13.0. This latest emoji has added icons such as cheese cake, waffles, ice cubes, evaporated emojis, human emojis standing and many others.


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