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How To Overcome Applications And Games Stop on Android

For those of you android users must have experienced an application or game when you want to be opened, it has a force close or it stops suddenly. Generally this problem is the operating system that has crashed or does not support the application.

So when the application is run, the Android system cannot run because of synchronization of the application with a different Android system. This problem is caused because the application version is not compatible with your android version.

How to Overcome the Android Force Close Application

Here are the steps that you can do easily on the android application that often stops:

  1. LRestart the system on the Android phone, then reopen the application.
  2. Uninstall and re-install the application, because there is a problem because the application overlaps the data in the previous version.
  3. Clean the program in your android cache or can clear data on the application, when when running the application the data will be stored in the android cache. The way is easy enough, you can enter settings -> click application / App -> select downloaded, on sd card, rungging, All. Next select the application that is experiencing force close. Then select the clear data menu. Please reboot your Android phone.

The steps above are some easy steps to overcome the force close application, hopefully this article can be useful and can solve solutions for you android users.


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