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3 Ways to See Notification History that Appears on Android

Basically smartphone users sometimes accidentally delete notifications that appear on Android. Didn’t realize that the notification contained an important message.

However, there are times when notifications appear repeatedly from various applications. And as you all know, Android already provides a feature where users can clear all incoming notifications with a single tap.

How to see Android’s notification history

On Android itself actually has provided a log where we can see the notification history that appears on our smartphone. But it is necessary to use a little way to be able to use these features because the log feature is very hiding.

1. Through the shortcut settings

Step by long pressing on the home screen, then select Widgets.

Then select the Shortcut Settings Widget or Shortcut Settings, then hold and drop Shortcut on the homescreen, then select the Notification Log menu.

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2. Through the Settings Menu

Open settings (Settings) -> Applications and Notifications -> Notifications -> Notification Log

It should be noted that not all androids support the 1st way as well as the 2nd way because they are not supported by the nofitikasi log feature.

If your smartphone is unsuccessful using the 1st and 2nd methods then you can continue to the 3rd step by using a third-party application.

3. Using Third Party Applications

Please download the Unnotification application on the Google Play Store or via the link below:

Download Unnotification (Google Play Store)

These third-party applications can see the notification log in detail, sort notifications so that you can restore notifications that have been deleted on your android.


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