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How to Activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp Android

The Dark Mode feature in 2020 is increasingly becoming popular, the vendor of the very famous chat application that is WhatsApp has begun to get the Dark Mode feature or dark mode display.

The news of the appearance of dark mode on WhatsApp was announced by WA Betainfo, a site that is always updated about the latest features that will be present on WhatsApp. But now the Dark Mode feature cannot be used publicly, it can only be tried by WhatsApp Beta users.

If you are not yet registered as a beta tester but want to try the Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp now, you can download the APK file for WhatsApp beta version 2.20.13 at the link below:

Download WhatsApp Beta v2.20.13 (APK Mirror)

The next step is to install it without needing to delete the previous WhatsApp APK that is already installed on your smartphone. Don’t worry the installation process will not cause you to lose data from previous versions of WhatsApp. All your conversations are stored safely and will not be lost.

To be able to activate the dark mode feature you can go to the “Settings” menu (settings), then select “Chat” (conversation).

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Then a new menu will be available with the name Theme (theme). Please select “Dark” to be able to activate the dark mode. Then instantly the appearance of WhatsApp will turn dark.

Please be aware, WhatsApp beta is still not stable and there may still be some bugs in it.

If you don’t want to find bugs and worry about security on WhatsApp beta, you should wait for the final version of WhatsApp to be released.


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