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How to quickly download photos automatically on WhatsApp

In the whatsapp application by default incoming messages in the form of photos will be converted into smaller sizes.

The purpose of the conversion is to save quota and save smartphone internal memory storage.

Don’t worry, you can make arrangements by downloading images automatically from whatsapp without having to experience image conversion.

For those of you who have lots of internet quota without having to worry about it, here are the steps to activate automatic image download mode on WhatsApp:

How to Download Photos Automatically on WhatsApp

The way below is whatsapp for the android version, on the iPhone and Windows phone versions the display may be quite different.

  1. In the whatsapp application at the top right there is a dot then click.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Then tap Data and Storage Usage
  4. Enable Auto Download on When using mobile data and When connected in Wi-fi
  5. Notice the Photo option is checked, then press Ok. You can also check other media such as Audio, Videos and Documents.

The downloaded photo will be saved in File Explorer-> Internal Storage-> WhatsApp-> Media-> WhatsApp Images.

Will WhatsApp PC be downloaded automatically?

Of course, because the desktop version of whatsapp already defaults to downloading any type of file automatically.


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