Tencent Company Achieves Corona Virus Increased Revenue

The income of technology companies, especially in the field of games from China Holdings Ltd, recorded a 25% growth in the fourth quarter of 2019. Revenue of the company that claimed an increase in profits jumped in the first quarter of this year due to the corona virus pandemic demanded to work at home.

As reported by KrAsia, Tencent’s revenue in the fourth quarter reached US $ 15.2 billion, which was translated into IDR 243 trillion. That number increased dramatically to 25% per year.

Impact of Corona Virus on China

Throughout 2019, Tencent has recorded revenues of US $ 54.1 billion, equivalent to Rp 864 trillion. Its income grew 21% yoy generated net profit of US $ 13.4 billion or Rp 215 trillion.

“During 2019, we will strengthen our leadership in consumer internet and expand our presence in the internet industry. This is to maintain sound operational and financial metrics,” Tencent CEO Pony Ma said as quoted by KrAsia on Thursday (3/19) ”

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Digital entertainment business is expected to experience a surge in the first quarter of this year. Many people using services such as games, office team applications, and education services are experiencing growth.

Tencent’s conversation application, WeChat, also jumped. This happens because Chinese people stay at home spending more time using online messaging applications.

Likewise with other countries that some have set lockdowns. In Indonesia, a number of technology companies make policies by working at home.


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