Xiaomi Ready to Launch Mi Mix Alpha, Note the Date

Do you still remember the introduction of the latest futuristic design from Xiaomi in September 2019 yesterday?

Introducing the concept of Mi Mix Alpha enough to amaze gadget enthusiasts. Because Mi Mix Alpha carries a futuristic design and fierce components.

The futuristic design can be seen in detail from the screen design used to cover the back of the body. The concept makes users as if the cellphone is made of 100 percent of the screen.

Xiaomi will release the latest Mi Mix Alpha product in early 2020. But it is unfortunate that the launch schedule for Mi Mix Alpha has been delayed as quoted by Abacus.

Mi Mix Alpha is rumored to be using a camera with a high resolution of 108 Mp. Supported by a screen of body ratio that reaches 180.6 percent, meaning that the entire cellphone is almost covered by the screen.

From the introduction of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha it is estimated that it will be sold in the market at a price of Rp. 39 Million.

The processor used is Snapdragon 855+ supported by 12 GB RAM and internal storage up to 512 GB.

Battery life of 4,050 mAh and 40W Fast Charging feature. However, these specifications are still subject to change given that Qualcomm has released support for 5G internet speeds.

With the prices offered in the market Mi Mix Alpha is far away with classes such as GAlaxy Fold and Mate X at almost the same price.


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