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How to Unblock Contacts on WhatsApp Easily on Android or iOS

WhatsApp chat application is very popular to be used by the community, especially in Indonesia. But do you know if you can easily block or open contacts that you have blocked before.

Unlike other chat applications, WhatsApp still stores contacts that you have blocked. Like you blocked your girlfriend maybe because you’re upset with her.

Next I will tell you how to unblock WhatsApp easily. This method applies to Android and iOS.

How to unblock on WhatsApp

  1. Enter the menu after WhatsApp.
  2. Select the Account Section.
  3. Enter Privacy
  4. Select Blocked contacts
  5. Select the contact you want to unblock, press Unblock.
  6. Done. Blocking status has been removed, you can contact the contact.

You can use these steps to open a blocked WhatsApp contact.


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