How to Get a 30 GB Free Quota Telkomsel, Indosat, XL

Telkomsel providers provide free quota to customers as much as 30 GB. Free quota is given because people work and attend school at home.

There are also special packages provided by Telkomsel such as accessing Quipper, Zenius, and even bahaso for free.

How to get a free Telkomsel quota of 30 GB:

  1. Open the My Telkomsel Application. For those who haven’t downloaded, please download it first here.

    Bebas Akses Ruang Guru Menggunakan Telkomsel
  2. Choose the latest ‘click from telkomsel’ package. Claim Telkomsel free quota.
  3. Then click activate to get a free quota of 30 GB.
  4. Wait for the notification that the package has been successfully activated. Congratulations, your package can be used.

Enjoy! Use wisely free quota from Telkomsel.

How to get a free XL quota of 2GB per day:

In addition to Telkomsel, XL operators also provide free quota for the benefit of studying at home.

Through this 2GB quota per day, users can access several e-learning platforms such as Smart Classes,, to the Rumah Belajar portal from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Kuota Gratis XL 2 Gb perhari

Not only that, thanks to this quota, users can also access e-learning sites on several campuses for free.

To get the quota, you can access the myXL and Axisnet applications download here.

How to get a free 30 GB Indosat quota:

The operator of Indosat Ooredoo also did not miss giving free quota during the corona virus pandemic.

There is a free 30GB quota that can be used to access several online learning platforms.

The platforms include Ruangguru, Quipper,, and Rumah Belajar.

Then, the quota can also be used to access e-learing sites in several campuses in Indonesia.

Penawaran Kartu Indosat menjadi IM3 Ooredoo (KompasTV)

To activate the free quota package, you can through the myIM3 application here.

It also can access * 123 * 368 #.



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