Streaming Hooq Officially Closed Starting Tomorrow

The most popular streaming service, Hooq, is officially covered starting tomorrow in Indonesia. The Singapore-based company says goodbye to its users in Indonesia.

The news from the official Twitter account Hooq, said that the existence of streaming services will end tomorrow, Thursday 30 April 2020.

“On this day, the end of Hooq’s journey in telling a variety of extraordinary stories is entertaining. On this day, it might be filled with sadness, even sobs that hunt,” Hooq tweeted in a thread.

“However, the memory of our time together has been recorded in the memory and made an impression in the heart. A memory that will remove the tears that flow down the cheeks,” he continued.

Hooq Website
Hooq Website

His party also formally expressed his gratitude for his loyal customers in Indonesia to stay with Hooq until now.

“Thank you for our togetherness. Without you, Hooq will not be able to reach the point of distant achievement, which is today. Today, we say goodbye. #Thank you, Indonesia,” he said.

It was reported earlier that Hooq had given up competing in streaming video services because it was unable to fight old players like Netflix.

Hooq itself is a Singapore-based company, Singapore Telecommunication.


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