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How to Download Lots of Photos and Videos on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is widely used by the public. WhatsApp itself has provided two types of services namely WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Phone.

If WhatsApp Phone can automatically download and save to the gallery with lots of photos and videos, it is different from using WhatsApp Web.

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Following are the easy steps to download photos and videos together:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web then select the conversation where you want to download the picture or video.
  2. Click contact profile.
  3. The contact details menu will appear, click Media, links and Documents.
  4. Click the check mark on one of the images to select the selection.
  5. Then click on any photo or video that you want to download.
  6. After all are selected, click the download icon at the end of the screen.
  7. After the file is downloaded, open the menu then select Show in folder.
  8. Right-click on the file, then Extract All.
  9. Click Extract.
  10. A new window appears for downloading your photos or videos.

To perform the steps above, first of all WhatsApp phones must be connected to an internet connection. Also note that your device must be logged in on WhatsApp Web.


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