The price of the iPhone SE 2020 in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, what is the price in Indonesia?

JAKARTA – After 4 years have passed the release of the first generation iPhone SE, now Apple has launched the iPhone SE 2020 or called the iPhone SE 2.

In terms of design such as the iPhone 8, but the chipset already uses the A13 Bionic CPU as used in the iPhone 11.

Apple offers prices starting at $ 399 for the iPhone SE 2 2020.

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From the official Apple website the price of the iPhone SE 2020 for the 64 GB variant is $ 399, for the 128 GB variant for $ 449, and for the 256 GB variant for $ 549.

From the prices that have circulated on the market from every country such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia that can be pre-ordered at different prices. Here’s a list of prices for the iPhone SE 2020.

Price of the iPhone SE 2020 in Singapore

iPhone SE 64GB = S$649 = Rp 7.115.887
iPhone SE 128GB = S$719 = Rp 7.883.394
iPhone SE 256GB = S$889 = Rp 9.747.340

The price of the iPhone SE 2020 in Hong Kong

iPhone SE 64GB = HK$3.399 = Rp 6.851.651
iPhone SE 128GB = HK$3.899 = Rp 7.859.544
iPhone SE 256GB = HK$4.699 = Rp. 9.472.172

Price of the iPhone SE 2020 in Australia

iPhone SE 64GB = A$749.00 = Rp 7.397.882
iPhone SE 128GB = A$829.00 = Rp 8.188.043
iPhone SE 256GB = A$999.00 = Rp 9.867.135

IPhone devices can be purchased in every country at the Apple Online Store starting on April 17, 2020.


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