WhatsApp Add Participants Video Call Members, Want to Compete with Zoom

During the corona pandemic as it is today, work from home is highly recommended by the government. The use of online meeting applications is very necessary and continues to increase along with the many people who work at home.

Digital companies like WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet, Hangout are competing to develop their most advanced features.

From sources circulating, on Thursday (16/04) that WhatsApp is trying to increase the number of members in video calls like zooming.

As we know WhatsApp has limited video call participants to only four people, very few and requires renewal in order to compete with its competitors.

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The addition of the capacity of members of this video call can be felt by users on WhatsApp version 2.20.128 for Android, and version for iOS.

Here’s an easy way to video call on WhatsApp like the Zoom application:

  1. Open this group used for video calls.
  2. Tap a group call.
  3. Search or select the contact you want to add to the video call.
  4. Tap a video call.

In addition, in Indonesia there is a widespread use of the zoom application. Also found data belonging to more than 500 thousand Zoom accounts traded on crime sites.

Zoom occupies the second most popular application as an online conference application during the corona virus pandemic. While Skype ranks first.


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