Comet Swan Can Be Seen Closest to Earth on May 13

Comet Swan Can Be Seen On Earth On May 13

The Lampung ITERA Astronomy Observatory (OAIL) of the Sumatra Institute of Technology (ITERA) has succeeded in perpetuating the C / 2020 F8 Swan using the Lunt Engineering 80 ED Telescope.

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Comet Swan became the best comet that can be seen this year. Even until the end of May 2020 it became a target for observation, both by using tools and the human eye.

Comets are changing celestial bodies that can be very bright and easily observed with the naked eye. Comet Swan with a speed of 48,996 Kilometers per second will traverse the earth.

Indonesian people say that comet is a star but for comet Swan is not a star. In total there are billions of comets orbiting the sun.

The Head of the OAIL UPT Dr. Hakim L Malasan said that besides observing Swan comet, OAIL ITERA also always presents images of celestial objects and presents astronomical education to the wider community.

“For people who want to know about OAIL’s observations, they can access it through social media and the OAIL website,” he said.

Previously, in April scientists were waiting for the trajectory of the Atlas comet to be seen with the naked eye on April 23.

But apparently, Comet C / 2019 Y4 Atlas is sliding toward Earth is estimated to have been destroyed before it could be observed.

In fact, astronomers are looking forward to the presence of the comet.


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