Instagram Releasing Sticker Supports UMKM IN the Middle of Pandemic COVID-19 – COVID-19 epidemic greatly affects the world economy, one of which is the owners of MSMEs. (Micro small and Medium Enterprises).

The impact was that many MSME business owners closed because there were no buyers or visitors. This makes one of the social media platforms participate in helping the sale of MSMEs to remain affordable by the public.

The step taken by Instagram is launching a number of sticker features such as the addition of introductory partners to Food Order stickers and Stickers that Instagram users can use to promote their favorite shopping accounts on Stories.

Businesses in the culinary field can add GoFood stickers or GrabFood. In the sticker there will be a message button inside.

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If the user presses it, then the user will be directed to order through the introductory partner page, namely GoFood or GrabFood.

In addition, Instagram also launched a new sticker called Gift Card. This sticker works for business accounts to market discount vouchers on stories to their followers. In addition to the stories section, Gift Cards are also available in business account profiles that will be equipped with contact and message menus. Later, when followers press this sticker on a story or on a business profile, they will automatically be directed to the partner page of the gift card provider.

This new sticker launched by Instagram is available for Instagram business accounts on iOS and Android.


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