Gosh! These Living Things Can Live Without Oxygen – The first time in the history of mankind, scientists found living creatures in the form of animals that can live without oxygen.

In the world of science is quite surprising, because previously there was no animal that lived without oxygen.

Previously, in 2020 scientists discovered parasites that did not have the mitochondrial genome. In the absence of the mitochondrial genome, this one living creature can live without oxygen.

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In fact, every living thing has every cell with a large number of mitochondria. These mitochondria then have an important function in the process of breathing.

From Live Science sources, Henneguye Salminicola is known to have lost nerve cell tissue, and also lost his respiratory system.

But the great thing, despite losing all the functions of the body of this one animal is still resistant to not breathing.

Ilustrasi Miksroskop (unsplash)
Ilustrasi Miksroskop (unsplash)

Regarding how this ability can be found by Henneguya Salminicola is still a mystery and is still in research conducted by scientists to this day.

Scientists assume there are still many living things that are still unknown nature and type. It was found that the anaerobic environment does not only apply to single-celled eukaryotes but also like parasitic carriers.


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