Microsoft Launches Edge Replacement Browser – Recently Microsoft has officially launched the latest browser replacement Microsoft Edge. Microsoft gave the name, Edge Chromium.

This browser offers faster performance than the Edge version.

Edge Chromium works closely with Microsoft and Google. Microsoft makes Edge Chromium pages like Google Chrome.

The features of Edge Chromium are almost the same as the features of Google Chrome. Even history, save passwords, and bookmarks are very similar to Google Chrome.

Its performance in browsing is fairly fast and the same as nimble as Google’s. In terms of security Microsoft claims its property is more sophisticated than Google Chrome.

Microsoft provides Edge Chromium with anti-tracking features in order to protect user privacy.

Thus, for those of you who use Windows operating system devices will be equipped by default Edge Chromium browser. However, currently the ARM64 version is still not available.

Chromium Edge is also claimed to be able to display 4K quality on Netflix equipped with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

To this day, all Windows operating systems have automatically updated the latest version of Edge Chromium.

Chromium Edge is available on Windows and MacOS operating system devices.


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